Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is an excellent way to make your teeth look brighter, improve their appearance and increase your self-confidence. Bleaching is the most usual method of teeth whitening and the most reliable. The best results are achieved when the procedure is carried out by professional consultants at our Bannockburn Dental Practice.

Our dentists will first arrange a consultation and decide from there which method would most suit you. Impressions are taken of your mouth to create bespoke bleaching trays (like small mouthguards) to give you the best results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Technique

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The difference that this safe and painless procedure makes is quite considerable and is popular with patients of all ages.


How long should I wear the trays for?

This depends on the amount of lightening that you desire and the original shade of the teeth. A minimum of 2 weeks is required but if your teeth are quite dark or very yellow/ grey/ tetracycline stained it will take longer to bleach the teeth. If you are not experiencing any sensitivity you may wear the trays for at least one to two hours for the first few days. After that, you can even sleep with the trays in your mouth.

It is very important to remove all the excess material from the gums around the trays.

The darker your teeth, the longer your teeth will take to get lighter. Tetracycline stained teeth can take six months or up to one year to bleach. Some teeth can whiten after one week.

What do I do if I have any sensitivity?

Sensitivity of teeth is the most common side effect of home bleaching. If you are experiencing any sensitivity you should stop bleaching your teeth for a couple of days.

If the teeth become ultra sensitive you can place the provided Duraphat toothpaste in the bleaching tray for an hour a day. That will usually stop the sensitivity. Alternatively, you can rub the desensitising toothpaste into the gum margins with your finger 5 times per day for a few days. If you are at all concerned, please call your dentist.

What happens if the teeth do not bleach evenly?

It is not uncommon for white spots to appear whiter initially when bleaching. Similarly if there are bands in the teeth these may appear more prominent at first. The contrasts will lessen as the bleaching process continues until it is hardly noticeable.

Any white fillings or crowns will not change colour and sometimes after the whitening process we need to replace these restorations to match your newer whiter smile.
How long does the bleaching last? Will I have to bleach my teeth again?

Normally the whitening lasts well but some patients choose to top up after a few years or before a big night out. If you keep your trays safe in the case provided then you only have to purchase top up solutions. If you drink a lot of black coffee, tea or red wine then your teeth may darken again quicker.

Does bleaching harm the teeth or gums?

Dentist prescribed bleaching is safe. It is equivalent to drinking one can of soda a day during treatment.