Crowns & Bridges


Dental crowns are required when the natural tooth is badly broken down or heavily filled. The crown sits like a jacket around the core of tooth to protect it, therefore will also improve the appearance and function of the tooth.

You can get crowns on the NHS and privately and there are many different options available.

Dental crowns types


Porcelain fused to metal

All metal – silver or gold.

All porcelain metal free crowns are beautifully aesthetic and our dentists can go through which option is right for you.


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dental crowns


Missing teeth result in gaps that are best restored with a bridge. Dentist is preparing teeth on wither side of the gap for crowns, then an impression is taken and the dentist will construct a bridge with a porcelain tooth in the middle filling the gap. They are fixed in place with cement and cannot be removed, as a result improving the appearance of your smile and also preventing other teeth from moving out of place.

More information about bridges

The bridge fixed to one or two adjacent teeth. Having the space filled with a bridge will help speech and chewing food. The outcome of bridgework is a natural appearance with strong, stable teeth which function as a competent substitute to the original tooth. Bridges are great way to replace one or more missing teeth.

Implants are another option to restore missing teeth that do not require any preparation of adjacent teeth.