NHS and cosmetic dentures are available from our dental clinic at Bannockburn. They are the simplest and often cheapest solution to replace missing teeth and are removable. We aim to provide dentures with a natural appearance, good fit and excellent function.

Patients can become entirely edentulous for many reasons. Dentures are used simply to replace lost teeth.

There are real benefits to having a partial denture. If you have a few missing teeth, this can have an impact on the natural shape of your mouth. You will lose lip support, have reduced chewing function as well as poorer appearance.


Can be constructed entirely from acrylic or may have a Cobalt Chromium base and be retained by small clasps. Your dentist will be able to tell you which option is most suitable for you.


Are generally constructed from acrylic. We will take impressions to make the fit as accurate as we can and will ensure you are happy with the appearance and bite before we finish them.


Use a more aesthetic tooth mould, a clear palate and have more character than NHS dentures. They are as natural looking as possible so no one need know you wear them.

Dentures can also be combined with implants if there is little natural ridge to hold them in.

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