Inlays are lab-made tooth coloured fillings. They are constructed from porcelain or composite resin over two separate visits and are more durable than directly placed composite fillings. They appear similar to white fillings and should blend almost invisibly with your natural tooth.

Why Choose Inlays

If you don’t need to go so far as having a crown fitted and a direct filling is not strong enough for what you need, an inlay is the perfect solution.

Inlays are perfect if you have tooth decay or if you have damage to teeth – broken or cracked. They are most usually used to repair and improve on the structure of your teeth at the back of your mouth, where you chew and bite most frequently.

Using porcelain or resin, the inlays are bonded to your teeth after they have been prepared by your dental practitioner. When the treatment is complete, you will see improvements immediately. We also use gold, but it’s not as popular as it used to be. Old style metal fillings are no longer acceptable to some therefore it is a much more aesthetic alternative.

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