Dental Implants

Millions of people endure difficulties relating to missing teeth. This can have a dramatic effect on self-confidence, appearance, speech and eating. This is entirely unnecessary and in many cases can be easily rectified dental implants. We are proud to use Straumann implants, the most heavily researched implant system on the market.

Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple tooth gaps. Patients can eliminate the need for dentures or they can be used to fix dentures in place.

The advantages over conventional bridgework are that we don’t need to cut the healthy teeth either side of the gap as we only replace what’s missing. Preparing healthy teeth can shorten their lifespan.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is surgically placed where the missing tooth or teeth used to be. On top of the implant crowns and bridges are firmly attached mimicking the natural teeth. Titanium has the ability to integrate with the patients natural bone securing it firmly and predictably

Is the procedure painful?

Most implants are placed under local anaesthetic but you should expect a degree of discomfort for a couple of days. Many of our patients report being more uncomfortable after the extraction of the tooth than after the implant placement. However we provide painkillers for the first few days after the procedure so any discomfort is well managed. Our contact number is given to you should there be any concerns we are available evenings or weekends.

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How will my treatment progress?

Initially we will perform a thorough assessment of your mouth, take some xray images and models of your mouth. During the consultation we will fully discuss what you are hoping to achieve and any concerns you may have. We will tell you what to expect and what maintenance will be required after. There may be 1 or 2 hygienist visits required before implant placement to ensure your mouth is clean and healthy. A full treatment plan will be provided along with likely timescales, fees and finance options. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this stage. After placement of the implant we wait a period of usually 2 months to allow the implant to integrate. After that the fabrication of the crowns or bridges takes a further month. At no point will you be without teeth as you can continue to wear your denture or the temporary restoration we will provide

How much are implants?

A full costing would be provided before any work commences as the treatment plan is tailored to the specific patients needs. A fully restored implant with a crown restoration will cost on average £2000. Initially dental implants are more expensive than other dental treatment but due to their predictability they generally last longer. Whilst standard crowns and bridges need replaced every 10-12 yrs this tends not to be the case with implants so over time the investment levels out.

What are the advantages of implants?

  • Natural, beautiful looking teeth
  • You can eat the foods you love with confidence
  • They can eliminate the need for dentures or secure them firmly in place
  • As they are stand alone structures the adjacent teeth don’t need to be damaged like traditional bridgework
  • Help prevent further bone loss at the extraction site
  • No one need know you had missing teeth

Am I suitable for Dental Implants?

As every patients mouth is different it’s hard to say without an examination. Our consultations are free though. We will be able to make a basic assessment of your mouth and answer any questions you may have with the aim to find a solution that’s right for you.

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